1. Police Interviews
    We offer free expert advice to anyone being interviewed by the police where they are a suspect. Our criminal contact line is available 24/7. Contact us now or ask for Rutherford Sheridan for advice and representation.
  2. Court Representation
    From custody appearances to trial we will ensure your position is put clearly before the court. We deal with all cases from High Court, sheriff court and Justice of the Peace Court. Ensure you have the best possible defence, contact Rutherford Sheridan today.
  3. Criminal Legal Advice
    Contact us today by facebook, Instagram, whatsapp, email or telephone if you are concerned about any criminal legal problem. We can help at any stage of your case and would be delighted to give you advice.
  4. Legal Aid Availability
    Whether it is to attend a police interview with you, give advice pre court or represent you at any stage in court proceedings at any court in Scotland, we can assess your eligibility for legal aid. If you do not qualify for legal aid, we offer competitive rates and block fees. Enquire today.