1. Representation at Children's Hearings
    Rutherford Sheridan Ltd provides advice and assistance to parents and children before, during and after children's hearings. Children's Hearings make some of the most important decisions in a child's life - don't go there without some expert advice. Let us help you at your hearing.
  2. Appeals against decisions
    Children's Hearings sometimes make the wrong decision. Our solicitors have a massive amount of experience lodging and conducting appeals on behalf of parents and children. They are successful in around 80% of the appeals they lodge. If you need to appeal trust us to assist you.
  3. Grounds of Referral
    The grounds which the children's reporter drafts is one of the most important documents in the hearing system. It will stay with the child throughout their childhood. If you are faced with grounds of referral you should obtain expert legal advice immediately. Do not hesitate to instruct us to defend your rights
  4. Child Protection Applications
    CPOs are applied for by social workers when they are seriously worried about children. If you find yourself in this situation contact a solicitor immediately. Rutherford Sheridan Ltd can offer urgent legal advice and representation in these situations.
  5. Social Work Involvement
    Families sometimes struggle and need help from social workers. Some families never receive the correct support or find themselves having to defend their parenting. We can help protect your rights and ensure that your family get the right support.
  6. Legal Aid Availability
    If you cannot afford to pay for a solicitor, legal aid is available for most cases. This applies to parents and children at all stages of the children hearing system. It includes representation at children's hearings, appeals, opposing CPOs and defending grounds of referral proofs. Contact us to check eligibility.